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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 15, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> good afternoon everyone i michele griego >> i am frank mallicoat and begin with breaking news from
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the giants. outfielder milky cabrera has been suspended 50 games by major-league baseball after testing positive for using testosterone which is a performance enhancing drug. >> he did release a statement earlier through the player's union, in part saying " my positive test was the result of my use of a substance that i should not have used, i.e. except my suspension ". he apologized to teammates, to the san francisco giants, and to the fans, he says for letting them down. >> he is in the first year in the giants and is the leading hitter, he has been hitting well into 300 and has been leading the league in some regards and that fifth game suspension will really hurt the giants. and it starts today. >> he is suspended for 50 games the there's not many games left in the season. >> there are about 50 games left in the season and that how does not mean the playoffs if they're lucky enough to get there. a big blow for the giants, they host the nationals, at a game starting 12:45 p.m..
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but that is the latest. it is a monumental moment for young people that are in the united states illegally. >> starting today they can apply to stay and work here temporarily without fear of deportation. cate caugurian spoke of people who have been waiting a long time for this, some of them, their entire lives. >> we are outside one of the many events been put on by young immigrants in the bay area commemorating the president's new immigration policy. this one in particular is put on by " united we dream ". and already several bay area immigrant families stood out in long lines in order to come out of the shadows. >> families wait in long lines outside and inside of the mexican consulate. this man tells us that for his parents, the real weight started the day they came to the united states. >> they came here to look for a better opportunity for me and my brothers. so they wanted me to do the best
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and get better opportunities. >> now with the president's new deferred action program, this is all that stands between him and his dream to go to college. >> i'm very excited because i am already junior in high school. and so i will be really close to a point for colleges and i do not need to worry about financial aid. >> these lines full of " dreamers' ". young immigrants and their families covering the proper paperwork needed to apply. so for the consulate says that have helped 500 people, specifically for this program. >> it is absolutely crazy. we have a lot of people not as getting passports but also asking questions about how this is gone to work. >> disconsolate is not the only one busy. check out these lines in los angeles in chicago. flooded with immigrants families looking to take advantage of deferred action. a lot of immigrant children in line have lived here all their lives. >> it is me peace of mind
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knowing that i can be here in this or i want to be and i can make my genes come true. >> jasmine says it is time someone aknowledge is it. >> and needs a lot that someone is excellent thing attention and knowing that we are here, and that we have a dream and we want to help the country, and we are ready to work, so it is a good thing. >> the mexican consulate says that have been opened four hours longer than normal to accommodate these lines and the consulate general actually told me that it will open one special day sunday, september 9th, just for people who are applying for this program. we're live in san fransisco, back to you. >> opponents including many prominent republicans say that the program amounts to mst. and they argue that because it is temporary, it does not really help anyone. >> and we are having some problems with that sound there from mitt romney, but as many
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as 1.7 million youths may qualify for this program. >> new evidence in the shooting death of a five year-old oakland boy has been painstakingly put together. now officers are reaching out to the public for some help. ann mackovic is here on the slow road to closure for one family. >> ,,,,,,,,
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an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they help cover some of the expenses medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> new evidence in the shooting death of a five year-old oakland
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boy has brought some hope to the family of that young boy, that justice may be served. ann mackovic is here now on the slow road tolosure for one family. >> these are the sketches of two people wanted in connection of the killing of a five year-old boy. both are african-american, the milk sugar, 6 ft. tall, medium build, possibly wearing glasses, and the woman that was with him, 5 ft. 7 in., 140 lbs., both in their 20s. >> i do not know if the killer is working here or will go to another community and do the same thing. >> it has been eight months since the five year-old was shot near his family's taco trucks on international boulevard on december 30th. he was walking with his father through the parking lot at the time. police say that it took months to get the suspect sketch right. >> collectively we need to sit down with the witnesses and work with a sketch artist. and at the end of the process, everyone needs to come together
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and say " that is what the suspect, shooter, looks like. >> this is video of what policing is a getaway car. >> that is surveillance video taken from a camera in the area. that is the vehicle believed to be driven, according to witnesses, by the suspect. >> a light-colored chevy impala model year 2006 to 2009, they have been additional women in the car at the time of their escape. at all this elementary school in alemeda court there is a memorial garden for the little boy. and as police and by four steps, the community hopes to heal. >> when a child is killed it really hits home >> there's a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in you can find a more about how to leave an anonymous tip on, click on links and numbers. in alameda, cbs 5. >> we're keeping an eye on dozens of fires burning across 10 states in the west. >> hot and dry conditions are hampering the efforts to put
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them out. the dc-10 has been tossing a brush fire in riverside county. 900 people have been forced from their homes because of a fire outside of seattle and one resident says all of his friends' homes are now gone. >> all of my friends, neighbors, the people i care about, they will either to move or rebuild. i have shed some tears, and it will start over. >> the fire in washington moving closer to those neighborhoods that had been evaluated. many farmers had to leave their livestock behind as well. crews are battling a 7,000 a. wildfire east of clearlake. full contingent is expected by monday. the fire destroyed two structures and damaged a third since it broke out on sunday however most evacuation orders have now been lifted. making some progress there. the battle for the white house is heating up >> mitt romney today accused the president of running a campaign of division and anchor, he takes issue with the obama campaign
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advertisements and controversial remarks that vice president joe biden made in virginia yesterday. >> the president seems to be running to hang onto power and i think that he will do anything in his power to be reelected. >> the president's campaign called these remarks " unhinged ". he has been hammering his rival on his plans for energy in the economy. >> we do not need more tax cut for the wealthiest americans, we need to get tax relief to working families that are trying to raise their kids. >> this is the last day of the president's three day bus tour through the battleground state of iowa. >> of pennsylvania judge has turned down an attempt to block a new law requiring voters to show a photograph id. democrats say this will make it harder for the elderly and minorities and the poor and young adults, to vote but republicans argue that it will prevent voter fraud. >> the latest in a series of big box retailers to release positive earnings reports.
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they raised their full-year profit projection. take a look at the market, so far so good, a little over four points. los gatos based netflix announced it will expand their presence in europe. offering streaming television shows and movies in norway and denmark and sweden by the end of the year. the company shares were up early this morning before settling back down again. coming up next, the study that places eggs back on the naughty list. >> and the next top model needed for the price is right, more on the search for a few good,,,,,,,
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episode when the series. >> i could do this all day long. around the bay area today we're seeing patchy fog break up outside, a little hazy over the bay right now, some pitchers going to be a little bit cool. we started out cool and that is how we will end up. cool in spots. livermore 76, concord and san jose checking in at 73 degrees. still the breeze is blowing as you make your way into the valley. so we're not going to see those triple digits today but will still be hot enough in many spots in england. and tonight low clouds and fog likely to make a return to the valleys. monsoon moister sweeping around, being pulled off by a low of the coastline bringing with it some changes as the low moves in. it will likely bring more low clouds and fog and a deep green light or so the next few days we will see more clouds and cooler temperatures and more mild
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weather as we head through the next couple of days and right through the weekend. temperatures expected to be 91 in morgan hill, 83 degrees in san jose and 76 in mountain view and 63 degrees in pacifica and east bay numbers up into the '90s but no 100 to be found. 95 degrees in brentwood, about 90 degrees in walnut creek. inside of the bay those temperatures in the '60s and '70s but until we city there is a cool fog and a good sea breeze at 59 degrees there. 80 and sunny in santa rosa the next couple of days we will see similar temperatures through thursday and friday but late in the day friday monsoon clouds moving to the bay area. and more clouds on the way, partly cloudy into saturday with temperatures cooling down but that is rather, if the price is right! how about that? >> i am sold, i think that you should do it. >> thank you. a poor example of sportsmanship
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in the world of competitive scrabble. >> a contesting caught red handed cheating, o of the top young players at the national scrabble championships held in orlando each year. apparently hiding blank letter titles before the start of the game. people at the meeting in san fransisco say that it is against everything that the game stands for. >> if you do not have integrity, you do not have a game. if you do not have the level playing field, then what is there in plain? >> he is not allowed within 100 ft. of a scrabble board. >> he committed to taking in hiding the blank tiles during a pregame ritual when opponents counter that the tiles in their set. he got booted it right out of the tournament. some call it the biggest used- car scam in the country, beagles switching out vehicle identification number plates on
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cars and then selling them. thousands of californians could be driving around in hot cars right now and have no idea. >> without her car for more than a month, this woman is forced to ask for rides to work each morning. >> i feel helpless >> a d m v investigator just told her that the chevy she bought from a private seller four years ago was stolen. the vehicle identification number on the dash board had been switched out. >> i thought i was being planned. >> is 40 >> declined bureau says that this is a growing problem. that is were criminals removed the vehicle identification number from old cars, they then apply those numbers to stolen cars like the one that she bought. hiding the fact of the vehicle was ever involved in a climb. >> it is an easy way for someone to get rid of a stolen car. >> california is a hotbed for stolen cars, we have seven of
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the nation's top 10 card that cities but more than half of stolen cars are recovered each year. >> that is $300 in cars that go on accounted for. >> some go undetected and an up and shipping containers had overseas, customs stopped the shipment of stolen luxury cars in april in long beach. you could be driving around in remaining stolen cars, they could be hidden in plain sight here in the states, out on the road, with a switched out vehicle identification number. the criminals are so good that 1 consumer advocate says he will never know the number one the driver door, or etch gun to the engine had been switched although she says that if you brought your car to a good mechanic, they should be able to detect the switch #. >> they would know to look for that, that would be one of the first innings. >> she estimates that she did not have a mechanic inspector car before she bought it, living paycheck to paycheck, she says that it could be some time before she can afford a new car. >> i am just four to have to
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keep asking for rides in silicon saving of money. >> the d m v could not comment on this investigation because it is ongoing but a spokesperson says that one way to avoid this, whenever you buy a car from a private seller, avenue at the dmv to run the cars information and make sure everything matches up. >> lubbers of eggs, apparently they a bad for us again. a new canadian study found the radio can be as dangerous as cigarettes. researchers found that consuming three or more of them per week speeds up the bill but of plaque in arteries, that in turn raises the risk of heart attack and stroke. many of us that love the sun put on sunscreen but forget an important part of the face. tonight's summer checkup, dr. tim sounds the alarm. >> when it comes to sunscreen, how many of must remember to put on protection for theips? >> i don't to anything. >> when i was younger, there was
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a thing that came out, a chap stick, everson is then i tried to keep it on in the summertime. >> the lips are very vulnerable to sun damage in especially young lips, some dermatologists say that lipson more susceptible to premature aging and cancer and the rest of the scan. clear lip gloss or even licking your lips is the worst. both can actually increase uv rays penetration. applied lip balm with an spf 15. for the ladies, put it on before lipstick. >> thank you. a locked door was no problem for a suspect in texas. how long it took him to get inside as ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, shell attack fell ceo of
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foreign-owned oil and fell face out if hot nfl fell so round fell 52 of
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. and it will not last as long. read a swiss chard. sauteed, on the grill, no matter how you enjoy it, it is a wonderful thing. and it is a super food loaded with nutritional value. i am your fresh grocer and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. this is just gorgeous. >> now back to the top story, milky cabrera has been suspended 50 days by the major- league baseball after testing positive for testosterone which is a performance enhancing drug. he is in his first year with the giants and is the leading hitter on that team. well into the 300 all season long. this means he will not play the rest of the season, and potentially part of the postseason. they have 45 regular-season games remaining this season. the host washington today and he is out of line up and off the team at least for those 50 games. coming up tonight at 5:00, when
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it comes to working out, the right shoes rt. >> check out the 5 step program to getting the best issue. a bold home burglary in the middle the day caught on tape. >> here is surveillance video rolling in montgomery county taxes when the suspect starts kicking in the door, it took him five kicks to break down the door which triggered the home on. the burglar rushed in and grabbed a flat screen tv and ran out the door.
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